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Social Bee, schedule and optimize your content

SocialBee is an all-in-one social media tool that lets you schedule posts, curate content, and grow an audience.

  • Schedule posts across all major networks and organize your content into categories for the best content mix
  • Alternative to: Hootsuite, Buffer, and MeetEdgar
  • Save time with content automation, post variations, and evergreen recycling
  • Best for: Social media managers and marketing freelancers looking to automate and optimize posting to grow their audience

SocialBee helps you master three areas: Content, Audience, and Posting.

But this powerful tool doesn’t stop at posting your content automatically – it helps you become a better poster.

Get started with an Onboarding Wizard that teaches you step-by-step basics.

SocialBee ensures that your audience will enjoy your feed by letting you schedule posts from different content categories and pause them as needed. (Now you can sneak in a well-deserved humblebrag post without annoying your followers.)

Scheduling content is an absolute breeze, too – just let the tool generate a schedule for you or customize your own.

Price: $49.00 | $468.00 Lifetime Deal

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