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SERVERCHEAP – Review and Benchmark April 2018

Servercheap is a hosting provider located in the heart of Chicago and you can find more about them through their looking glass. My first ever VPS was with them. It was 256 MB OpenVZ (is a container-based virtualization for Linux) for 10 USD a year. Managing a VPS was not easy for a beginner like me, so it had to be idle for two months, but when I had too much trouble with Bluehost shared hosting I started to play with the small VPS. It can hardly run WordPress so I asked for an exchange and Servercheap gave me a higher KVM plan. During the time of finding a good manager, I found Runcloud (SaaS-based PHP cloud server control panel) and I use it to manage most of my servers now.

3 VPS category offer

openVZ VPS



Last January they had an offer at Lowenbox 2GB KVM for $2.99 and I bought it to replace my current VPS. You can find out more about their offers here including pricing. They offer both OpenVZ and KVM virtualization and they have a fast SSD or NVME disk storage offer. They offer a cheaper price compare to similar service from other providers as they claim they have their own Datacenter. And as I read from a hosting forum they don’t offer DDOS protection you can’t find it either on their website.


So to benchmark the VPS I use some certain command.

wget -qO- | bash

wget -qO- | bash

Servercheap has an average score compared to others I have tested in this category. But they are pretty okay great uptime around 99% on a monthly basis, based on my uptime monitoring tool. So if you are planning on getting a server in Chicago you might want to consider to Servercheap. And for DDOS you could always use Cloudflare, as they are known to mitigate DDOS attacks. I’m not sure if Servercheap really doesn’t have DDOS protection but you ask them.

Thank you for taking the time to read. It’s my first time to review a VPS with 7 months of learning and playing with them. For suggestions, correction, or you want to request a review or benchmark of other VPS  you can comment below or email me at [email protected].

Servercheap Review

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