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Screpy – Comprehensive Website Audit!

I began utilizing the program only because of the word AI and the way the features were presented on the website. However, after a few months of use, I think I can give my Pros and Cons.

There are so many tools available for a number of different areas – SEO, AI, etc. This was one that I thought could be good in that it has a nice user interface and it provides some good insights.


Excellent Dashboard – They are always adding new features, which I appreciate.
Task Feature – assists me in determining where to begin.
A cool feature is a page-by-page analysis. You have complete control over the target page.
Diagnostics function – the simplest and most crucial tool for increasing performance – is quite useful.
Uptime – I can not emphasize how critical this feature is.


Keywords – In the summary or the keyword detail page, there is no history or comparison. This is quite aggravating. This feature (alone) compels you to use a different service. (Which is exactly what I did.)
All of the modifications that Screpy mentions are part of SEO and the influence they have on the website is measured. It is quite inconvenient to not be able to see your progress on the dashboard itself. I signed up for SeRanking to track my rankings, and I am quite happy with what they have to offer.

Reports: The visual reporting is fantastic, but I would like to export PDFs of Keywords and On-Page Progress, as well as customize the report’s appearance.

But, warts and all, I am confident that the software will develop and that new and lacking functionality will be added to the platform, and I see Screpy at the top of my tech stack.

For the price, features and useful data it provides, I can wholeheartedly recommend Screpy.

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