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Peoplebox, a tool that tracks remote employee performance and engagement

Peoplebox is a tool that tracks remote employee performance and engagement, helps you build OKRs, and supports more productive 1:1s.


  • Run engagement surveys to understand team feedback and challenges, plus easily build OKRs to measure outcomes
  • Alternative to: 15Five
  • Use a collaborative editor, continuous performance and productivity check-ins, and action items for great 1:1s
  • Best for: Remote teams and international companies looking to boost employee engagement for more successful outcomes

Let’s start with the dashboard, which lines up metrics that matter and provides an overview of Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS), Manager Scores, and Drivers.

Advanced analytics and segmentation give you insight on exactly what needs to be improved, so you can focus on managerial development and rewarding great work.

It’s all right there for your convenience.

Price: $49.00 | $1,800.00 Lifetime Deal


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