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If-So, deliver dynamic content to your visitors

If-So is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display dynamic content to users based on their search terms, language, geolocation, and more.

  • Personalize content on your site in minutes using any page builder—zero coding needed
  • Alternative to: Pardot, ActiveDEMAND
  • Track the dynamic versions of content with built-in statistics
  • Best for: Digital marketing agencies and site owners looking to deliver dynamic content based on unique visitor characteristics

Every customer is different, and the creators of If-So recognize that.

This WordPress plugin helps display dynamic content to site visitors based on “conditions” (or parameters), such as search terms, location, pages visited, or the number of visits.

Compatible with any page builder, If-So lets you customize any content on the page (even menu items) and allows you to create as many versions as you want.

Best of all, it’s coding-free!

With this dynamic content, your site visitors will get a personalized, relevant experience, thus improving conversion rates.

Price: $49.00 | $199.00 Lifetime Deal


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