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Cloudimage, deliver lightning fast images to your users

Cloudimage smartly resizes images to make your website load faster, no matter the device or browser.

  • Optimize your site’s images to improve page speeds, SEO rankings, and customer experiences with WordPress and Javascript plugins
  • Alternative to: Cloudinary
  • Protect images with colorization, enhancements, and watermarks, plus add tags and custom text to keep track of your images
  • Best for: Ecommerce websites and UX designers looking to improve page speed and increase visitor session durations

Cloudimage’s powerful plugins for WordPress or Javascript automatically download and cache your images, update their URLs, and resize them, so you don’t have to do any coding.

Applying the best level of compression, Cloudimage reduces the size of your images and improves page speed without sacrificing quality.

And since page speed directly impacts SEO, optimized images equal higher search rankings.

Plus, Cloudimage has an enterprise-grade CDN and thousands of servers around the world.

As the largest image CDN with 1,500 points of presence, it’s used and trusted by large companies such as Michelin Group, Toom, and SeLoger to deliver a petabyte of data every month.

Price: $49.00 | $348.00 Lifetime Deal

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