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Instantly turn your WordPress articles into podcasts with no mics or studios involved with BuildBubbles

BuildBubbles is a tool that lets WordPress bloggers turn written content into high-quality podcasts without any mics or studios.


  • Turn your WordPress articles into high-quality podcasts without any recording equipment
  • Alternative to: Trinity Audio
  • Access professional templates, then embed the podcasts on your site or publish them to Apple Podcasts
  • Best for: Content creators who want to transform their articles into audio to expand their audience

Your podcast will be ready in no time once you choose from BuildBubbles’ sound design template options.

These professional templates are created by actual sound engineers, letting you customize the sound to your liking using different voices and music.

From there, BuildBubbles translates your written words into a podcast you can be proud of.

No mics. No studio. No retakes. It’s almost unfair how easy it is.

Price: Starting at $59.00 Lifetime Deal

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