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bCast, a podcast platform to transition listeners into business leads

bCast is a podcast hosting, distribution, and analytics platform designed to transform listeners into leads.


  • Use Auto Opt-In to effectively turn listeners into leads through specific email addresses
  • Alternative to:
  • Easily add CTAs to episodes with Dynamic Content Insertion, plus host your podcast on a custom domain
  • Best for: Podcasters and marketers that want to increase ROI from their podcasts using impressive CTA and opt-in features

It’s time to get straight to business with bCast’s Auto Opt-In.

bCast generates an email address for you to read on-air, allowing listeners to message that address and opt in to your offer.

The lead is then sent through bCast into your CRM, or you can use the Zapier webhook integration to interface with tools like ConvertKit and Mailchimp (if ya can’t beat ‘em…).

This provides a more direct way to get listeners into your sales funnel without all the extra steps.

Price: $79.00 | $900.00 Lifetime Deal


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